Wednesday July 19th

a## Outside stage
15:30-16:30 Marc Euvrie
17:00-18:00 Kandiru
18:30-19:30 Sharp Knives
20:00-21:00 Plagöri

Espace Noir

21:00-22:00 Stress Excess
22:30-23:30 Trash & Co
00:00-01:00 The Omnious They

Great hall

21:00-22:00 ACHAB
22:30-23:30 Omni Selassi
00:0-01:00 Rimojeki

Information, address & band description:
The musical program can still change

Espace noir: Rue Francillon 29
Outside stage: behind Espace Noir
Great hall: Rue Jonchère 64

ACHAB Condensé de colère, de poésie et d'humour noir, ACHAB distille un électro-rock festif et lettré qui entend toucher autant les cœurs que les cerveaux de tous ceux qui l'écoutent. Il permet à chacun de danser et de rire, de réfléchir et de pleurer indissolublement. La musique d'ACHAB, c'est la bande son du mouvement social, la musique de l'insurrection qui vient !

Kandiru started with rap in 2003. At the beginning mostly was freestyled which was sometimes recorded and then released. The lyrics are about personal stuff as well as politics which is sometimes hard to tell what is what. But its hard anyway to divide theese two things from each other. The beats are mostly kind of noisy.

Marc Euvrie cello drone. Marc Euvrie plays guitar and sings in several bands, from coldwave to post-hardcore. His solo projects are beautiful compositions on the piano and on the cello which he loops into drones.

Omni Selassi polyrhythmic post punk. Trio led by the singer and guitarist Rea Dubach with drummers Mirko Schwab and Lukas Rutzen. Their music breathes deeply and helps you blow away the beautiful houses you don't want to live in.

Plagöri is a queer-feminist punk band that doesnt only bring new wind into the Swiss punk scene with theremin and saxophone. Also lyrically, the quartet is not afraid to do (self-)criticism and clearly positions itself anti-authoritarian and anti-fascist with an intersectional perspective doing no compromise. Plagöri lives the diy idea in all aspects and hopes to give back to punk what it has lost in the last decades: It subversive and solidary consciousness.

Rimojeki, Get ready to rock with RimoJeki, the power couple of performance and art! This electrifying duo combines theatrical elements with electronic space-rock and stunning video art. After four years of captivating audiences across Europe, they're finally bringing their show to Saint-Imier. Expect a night of high-energy beats, heavy guitar riffs, futuristic sounds, and pure rock 'n' roll inspiration.

Sharp Knives are a Lisbon based DIY anarchist folk punk band. Transposing our hopes, fears, doubts, frustrations, inconsistencies & dreams to words, screaming them out loud as self-empowerment, travelling and playing, we hope to create an affinity network of friends and accomplices, while standing together against all forms and vestiges of authority, coercion & oppression.

Stress Excess band rock’n’roll! La rébellion passe par le rock et ce sans compromis, ni distinction.

The Ominous They is a non-binary music producer and multi-instrumentalist with a big interest in a huge variety of music. For them music is not only an expression of dissatisfaction with the prevailing conditions but also of hope that a world of solidarity is possible and worth fighting for. The Ominous They doesn't only combine different music styles but also tries to be aware of different struggles, to connect them and express them.

Trash & co, Du punk sans compromis, qui vous colle aux murs, l'espace d'un concert, toujours dans la bonne humeur !