LibrAdio during the Weekend Libertaire in St-Imier

Comp@s, welcome to the Decentralised Anti-authoritarian Gathering. In the context that animates us, it seems important to talk and listen to each other. For this, we have created a radio station; LibrAdio. The latter is led by passionate people, is non-professional and does not generate profit.

This activist media allows us to speak without being seen, and to listen without looking. We will be present every day at Espace Noir, at your disposal for any request or any project that you would like to share with us and the world. An "open mic" time slot is scheduled between 3pm and 6pm. Of course, a member of the team will be present to accompany you on the air. This radio is also yours, take advantage of it.

If you want to hear content already broadcast, although the team has grown, you can get an idea of our editorial line via the podcasts of The wonderful activist media that it is, the radio is for us a vector of sharing, mutualism, a therapeutic tool, a bastion of struggles, a laboratory of ideas and much more. What about you? Come and talk and share!

To join us: or directly at Espace Noir, Av. Francillon 29, 2610 St-Imier every day during the event from 9am to 6pm.

Welcome to your home!