How to access schedule on Android

In order to access the RIA schedule on your smartphone (Android only), including at times when your phone is offline, you have two options:

Anarchy2023 App

Step 1: download the App

Download the App from here:

Step 2: Install the App

It should look somewhat similar to this:


Step 3: Allow to install unknown Apps

When you never downloaded an App over your phone's web browser before, you have to allow the installation of a unknown App. Afterwards retry the Download / Installation. Your phone should open a page like this (it varies depending on Android version/manufacturer):


Step 4: Bypass Google Play Protect

It is then possible that a warning from Google Play Protect appears. The Anarchy2023 App is perfectly safe to install and the warning only appears because we did not put it in any App Store (there was simply not enough time). In this case, click on "More details" and then "Install anyway", as shown below:




Step 1: download Giggity

Download the "Giggity" app from one of these app stores (F-droid or Google Play):

Open this link:

Or scan this QR-code:


Open this link:

Or scan this QR-code:


Step 2: load the RIA schedule

On your phone, open the RIA schedule URL (if opening the URL does not launch the Giggity app, come back to this page and read the rest of it):

Or scan this QR-code:


When opening this link or scanning this QR-code, if everything works normally, it should launch the Giggity app and load the RIA schedule. In this case, you are finished. Enjoy! If Giggity did not launch as expected, keep reading.

If opening the RIA schedule URL does not launch Giggity

If instead of launching Giggity, your phone opened a webpage that looks like the screenshot below, you must manually add the RIA schedule URL in Giggity (detailed steps to do it below).


Manually adding the RIA schedule in Giggity

  1. Copy the RIA schedule URL.
  2. Open the Giggity app
  3. Press the "+" icon in the top-right corner
  4. Paste the URL and press "OK"

It should load and display the schedule. If so, you are finished. Enjoy!