Week-end Libertaire 2022

The big international meeting was postponed in 2022, and will happen from 19 to 23 July 2023. Nevertheless we organised in 2022 an anarchist weekend in St-Imier, a smaller and local event.

Anarchist Week-end, July 29-31, 2022 in St-Imier, Switzerland

Useful informations

! Call for volunteers !


The book fair will take place at the St-Imier auditorium (Rue jonchère 64, 2610 St-Imier). A bar will offer drinks, and vegan meals will be served in the garden under the auditorium. Non-alcoholic drinks and meals will be "prix libre" (pay what you can).


The concerts will take place at Espace Noir, the self-managed cultural center of St-Imier (Rue Francillon 29, 2610 St-Imier). An outdoor stage will offer music on Friday and Saturday from 17:00 to 21:00, and the concerts will continue in the concert hall of Espace Noir, from 22:00 to 3:00 in the morning. An outdoor bar will also offer drinks. Here too, non-alcoholic drinks will be "prix libre" (pay what you can).

more info here


The workshops/discussions will take place in different places: in the city council room which is located in the auditorium, in the Espace Noir theater, and in different public places outside in St-Imier. Some workshops / discussions are planned and organized beforehand, but we wish that you can also organize discussions and workshops: the â’¶PENKI website has been set up to allow everyone to propose, discuss and organize your workshops and discussions: â’¶PENKI
A large agenda board will be set up at the entrance of the auditorium (Book fair). The program of the workshops / discussions will be posted there, and you will be able to register the discussions / workshops that you can spontaneously organize.

More info on the planned workshops here

Unfortunately, there will be no translation organized on this year's event, since it is more local than next years international event. We hope that people will self-organize translations in the workshops & discussions !


Film screenings will take place in the cinema of Espace Noir (35 seats). We have selected 7 documentaries / movies that will be shown between Friday and Sunday, at "prix libre" (pay what you can). More information here


To finish the meeting in beauty and to mark the 150 years of the congress of St-Imier, the anarchist choir of Lausanne, the revolutionary choir of Neuchâtel and the choir of Biu will take over the market place of St-Imier from 15:00 to 17:00 on Sunday, and will make the city of St-Imier vibrate with anarchist, revolutionary, resistance and hope songs!


A free camping site will be available at the edge of the soccer field of Châtillon, and you will be able to access the toilets and showers of the ice rink which are just next to the field! A campsite reserved for women, transgender & non-binary people is planned for those who wish it.

At our last meeting, we decided that the concerts and screenings will also be "prix libre" (pay what you can), in addition to the non-alcoholic drinks and the meals. This decision is based on a simple desire: to allow working people who are struggling, unemployed people and all people living in precarious conditions to participate in this local meeting. But you know that this anarchist weekend has fixed costs: renting of infrastructures, printing costs, renting of the outdoor stage, etc...

We are therefore appealing to our comrades who can afford it: your solidarity will not only help to fund this year's event, but also the big international gathering of next year. If you want to make a contribution, you can make a bank transfer:

IBAN: CH28 0624 0575 1121 8190 1


Caisse d’Épargne Courtelary SA 2608 Courtelary, Suisse

in favor of :

Association 150 ans du congrès de Saint-Imier Rue Francillon 29 2610 St-Imier

weekend-libertaire-2022 Affiche-decentrale-St-Imier

LibrAdio during the Weekend Libertaire in St-Imier

Comp@s, welcome to the Decentralised Anti-authoritarian Gathering. In the context that animates us, it seems important to talk and listen to each other. For this, we have created a radio station; LibrAdio. The latter is led by passionate people, is non-professional and does not generate profit.

This activist media allows us to speak without being seen, and to listen without looking. We will be present every day at Espace Noir, at your disposal for any request or any project that you would like to share with us and the world. An "open mic" time slot is scheduled between 3pm and 6pm. Of course, a member of the team will be present to accompany you on the air. This radio is also yours, take advantage of it.

> Find out more about how to participate and listen