Care team

If you have any special requirements to enable you to take part in the event, please contact us here:

During the meetings, the team care will be present 24/24 at the Care-Ort (an apartment next to the CCL) as well as in mobile team in all the places of the meetings.

We're looking for volunteers for the care team

Are you coming to St-Imier between 19 and 23 July and would like to make a contribution? Then sign up for one (or more) CareTeam shifts! We're still looking for lots of people who aren't (too) afraid of conflict, difficult situations or tears. Working with us offers nothing but advantages: Care work is very trendy - walking around in a CareTeam waistcoat immediately increases your social prestige, it encourages introspection as well as problem solving (another bonus on the happiness scale) and we're really nice people.

Join us and take part in creating a 5-day utopia where mutual care is at the heart of social organisation.

To register:

You need to provide a valid e-mail address. We will send you information about this e-mail address later. Choose "shifts" at the top. In the "room" tab you can indicate "none", then choose "Angel Care" (angel...yes, yes, we know...but we promise you won't have to wear pink wings). We look forward to welcoming you! The Care team of the International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering

Care team Charter

Posture and values:

Our actions as a care team are based on an anti-authoritarian, queer, feminist and anti-racist understanding of care work. Team care aims to make it easier for people to take collective, self-managed responsibility for their own care. We want to move towards truly inclusive, anti-capitalist lifestyles and joyful relationships, emancipated from systemic oppression and discrimination. We are therefore anti-carcerale and want to participate in the development of transformative justice processes. We are also well aware of the need to (self-)educate ourselves about how power shapes us, to challenge ourselves, and to collectively care for each other!


The team care's mission is to try to create the conditions to enable participants to feel good so that the event takes place in a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Its essential roles are

  1. to prevent, identify and manage situations of discomfort, conflict, harassment or discrimination, whether of a sexist, transphobic, racist, exoticist, validist, grossophobic or classist nature, or any other act that reproduces systemic discrimination

  2. ensure that the event is as accessible as possible

  3. prepare the volunteers who make up the team through information sessions and brochures

  4. organise the logistics, planning, safer space and communication to ensure that the above three points can be met.

  5. The team care collaborates with a security team and street medics. It ensures that these different groups work together effectively.

The team care is neither a cop, nor a judge, nor an educator, nor a psychologist. We are going to defend the values that the organisation has collectively defined by encouraging discussion and avoiding exclusion as far as possible (which nevertheless remains possible).

The members of the care team do their utmost to achieve these goals, but they are aware that they also have personal, structural and physical limits, and that they themselves have to fight against their own oppressive behaviour, which, like everyone else, they have integrated during their lives in society.

Care is a political and collective matter, and we're counting on you to play your part in it!

If this charter seems complicated to you, with new reasoning or concepts, don't hesitate to come and ask us why we position ourselves in this way. The militant world can be unwelcoming and give the impression of taking itself too seriously. We believe that we are all still learning, that humility and the pleasure of learning from each other is fundamental. Let's ask each other why things are done this way and not that way, let's think together and share our knowledge and ignorance. It's much more interesting and stimulating than getting bogged down in dogmatism and militant purity :)

Health concept:

Professional samaritans will be available 24 hours a day in a tent next to the market square.

However, this is a self-managed event, so we're counting on you to bring with you, as far as possible, the basic equipment needed to treat minor health problems properly. The Care-Ort and safer spaces will also have a small first-aid kit available.

Don't forget your medication if you need to take it regularly.
Don't forget sun protection (sun cream, sun hat).

If you develop symptoms of transmissible diseases (respiratory or others), you are responsible for not contaminating others. We ask you to show your solidarity and take the appropriate precautions or stay at home.

Concept for the protection of immunocompromised persons/vulnerable to viral infections (PIVIV)

Our position: Our aim is to make people aware of the situation of PIVIVs and to encourage solidarity with them.
This is why this concept does not specifically concern COVID-19, but all PIVIVs. Given the current health situation in Switzerland, covid is considered to be just another infectious disease.

As our resources are limited, we ask you to consider that the measures below will only be taken for PIVIV.

The measures: We suggest that ths PIVIV contact the Care-Ort to express their needs. Our aim is not to stigmatise or place all the mental burden on the people in question. Our aim is to be able to respond as best we can to the safety needs of the people concerned, depending on our logistical and material resources.

We make sure that rooms are ventilated at all times and that there is access to soap in all buildings, as well as signs indicating that:

We are not going to force people to wear masks, everywhere and all the time, because we are counting on the solidarity of the participants. We also know that some people are unable to wear masks for health reasons.

When a PIVIV approaches the care team, we will ask them what workshops, films, etc. they want to attend and what the conditions are to make them feel comfortable. Together we will discuss the best way of creating these conditions.

Before the workshops which the person concerned wishes to attend, a member of the care team can inform participants that certain measures are required to enable PIVIV to participate (wearing a mask, or other measures depending on the person's specific needs). There is also a "hybrid" room where the workshops are broadcast live with the possibility of interacting live.