Regional and online gatherings leading up to Anarchy 2023

Organize your own regional gathering or online session in the lead-up to Anarchy 2023

Let us know by writing to so we can share it on the list above and in social media.

Given the ease with which states are imposing unprecedented restrictions on freedoms, we do not want to wait until Anarchy 2023 to collectively reflect on the issues that matter to us, including the recent political developments. We want to meet to continue to undo the illusions that imprison us, to think together about what we can do and to form new hopes for the future.

This is why we propose this year, in the name of the 150th anniversary of the Congress of St-Imier, Decentralized Anti-Authoritarian Gatherings. We invite all anarchist and anti-authoritarian individuals and collectives to organize in their respective locations or online, on the dates of their choice, events of their own.

The idea is that results from workshops in regional gatherings and online sessions will carry into the workshops that will take place as part of the International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering taking place later here in St-Imier.

For an international solidarity against all forms of domination!

Libertarian greetings,

Organizing committee of the International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering