During the meeting, there will be several mobile action kitchens and mobile bakeries that will provide meals and fresh bread daily.

All kitchens and bakeries are organized on anarchist principles and are happy to share their skills with new people. The kitchens will prepare only organic and vegan meals for political reasons. Veganism also means that everyone can eat with us (inclusivity). In organizing the food, we have tried to work with collectives as much as possible and order locally whenever possible.

It is important to mention that all the people who are active in the kitchens do not understand their commitment as a service. For them, participating in a mobile action kitchen is a form of activism that is equivalent to taking part in direct action or organizing political meetings.

Giving a hand

Preparing food for so many people means a lot of work and coordination. For every meal we need around 100 Persons to help us providing delicious food for all of us. Please wash your hands and notice that this is an important part of this self-organised event.


Lots of peeling and cutting, no kitchen experience necessary.


Ladling and serving of plates, masks obligatory for hygienic reasons


Washing up together, exchanging ideas and cooling down in the hot water. Accompanied by live DJ sets for the good mood.

If you would like to take more responsibility and be behind the pots, you are welcome to contact us directly and come to the kitchen meeting at ... . We will explain everything to you and help you if you don't have much experience in action kitchens yet. Dare to come and get to know the best place on the camp.…

Meal times

Breakfast 7.00 - 9.30

Lunch 13.00 - 14.30

Dinner 18.00 - 20.00

In addition to a line for families, there is a separate line for people wearing masks. We ask all people in this queue to wear masks in order to allow everyone to eat.


If you have allergies or need special food for your children, please contact the kitchen at the Salle de Spectacle. We will try to accommodate these needs as well. Please keep in mind that it is not about preferences but about food intolerances and we are happy to make the extra effort for people who really need it!

Free price

Nutrition costs, and yet it should be available to all. Since we all come from different countries, we don't have a recommanded price. The goal is for you to think about what you can and want to give. Think about what good food is worth to you, cooked with ingredients for which we have paid fair prices. An overview of our expenses can be found in the cost barometer, and anything raised above that will be donated to the Anarchist Defense Fund.


The most important thing at the end. When so many people come together in one place, hygiene is especially important. In general but especially in the kitchen! Please wash your hands regularly and disinfect them when you work in the kitchen. We will explain how to wash your hands properly. Be aware that you are taking care of many thousands of people, so we pay a lot of attention to hygiene. If you have cleaned toilets, you will be banned from the kitchen for three days.

Have fun and create an inspiring meeting so that we can continue the fight against the system.