Film screenings will take place in the Espace Noir cinema (35 seats). We have selected 7 films that will be shown between Friday and Sunday, at free price.

Program :

Friday at 13:15:


Documentary that traces and updates the indigenous uprising in Chiapas

Spanish with English subtitles Trailer

Friday at 15:00 :


Dynamic Wisdom is a self-managed collective that breaks norms and creates its own laws. Twenty-five Nigerian migrants live together in Switzerland in a small abandoned house, sticking together so that they never have to sleep outside again. But until when? A story that straddles the line between hope and despair, of these suspended lives, waiting for another future.

Nigerian/English/French, with French subtitles Trailer

Saturday at 9:45 am:


The documentary gives a voice to those who pay with their health the consequences of pollution. The author of the book "Salento destination cancer" and the director go to meet those who live in hell. In Salento, the heel of Italy's boot, in the land of centuries-old olive trees, the air, land and water are poisoned and cancers have increased by 40% in 10 years. The greed of the North has turned this South into a giant bin, to the point that its inhabitants are dying.

Italian with English subtitles Trailer

Saturday at 13:00 :

film awaiting confirmation

Saturday at 15:00 :


What if lesbo-queer communities had something to share about the singularities of their sexualities? Through the thorny issue of consent, sixteen protagonists of these communities speak out. Is there a grey area, a continuum between consent and aggression? In what ways can rape culture be thwarted and consent innovated? How has the notion of aggression been historically instrumentalised to exclude trans women? Diving into the heart of their intimacies, the film's protagonists question, get angry, laugh and invent other possibilities. The film's protagonists question, get angry, laugh and invent other possibilities. They look at consent differently, based on the experience of their marginalized communities, their subcultures and their explorations.

French with English subtitles Trailer

Sunday at 9:30 am:


The March 22 Anarchist Group of Rome was accused of the attacks of December 12, 1969 in Milan and Rome and in particular of having placed the bomb at the "Banca nazionale dell'agricoltura" in Piazza Fontana in Milan, which killed 18 people and injured a hundred. One of the founders of the Group, Pietro Valpreda, was thrown into the headlines as the monstrous perpetrator of the attack. The other designated victim of the "strage di stato" (massacre by the state) was the Milanese railway worker Giuseppe "Pino" Pinelli, who belonged to the Ponte Ghisolfa Anarchist Circle in Milan and "fell" out of the fourth-floor window of the Milan Central Police Station at around midnight on 15 December, after an interrogation in police custody that lasted more than three days...

Through the accounts of the protagonists themselves, we reconstruct the events and the various stages of the trial that succeeded in clearing them.

This trial was also the first truly international Italian trial. It was followed by a hundred countries around the world.

Italian with French subtitles Trailer

Sunday at 13:00:


This series directed by Tancrède Ramonet presents anarchism, which for more than a hundred and fifty years has been blowing its wind of freedom and revolt across the world. What do those who call themselves anarchists think and who are they? Considered moribund after the Second World War, writers and philosophers allowed it to rise from its ashes. Then, with the euphoria of May '68 behind it, the movement moved from armed struggle to cultural guerrilla warfare, inspiring all new forms of resistance.

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