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Please post a topic you find to be missing in order to add it to the Anarchy 2023 program schedule.

Feel free to allocate your preferred time that would work best for you. The conference working group will try to allocate a space where your workshop can take place. It may take a few hours until a space is assigned to a newly proposed workshop.

How to:

We organize the gathering collaboratively. Note that you don't need to present the topic you propose. If at all any presentation or expertise is desirable, people that want to make that contribution can join your proposal until the workshop starts. If you know that special equipment is needed please name it. (projector, internet, stage, trampoline...)


Please define the format of your proposal. It might be a "workshop", "presentation", "film screening", "discussion" or any combination of these. Please also propose duration of the Session.

Information to provide:

Feel free to provide information about yourself and affiliations (organisation, website, country...) to the extent it can and should be public. (and you think is meaningfull for your proposal) If we need more information from you, the workshop group will contact you via Ⓐpenki.


You can propose content in any language. Probably the gathering will be held in the language(s) you use for the proposal and maybe there are people able to translate there on site.


We welcome different opinions and see disagreement as chance of growth. We agree to mutual non-violence and respect. If you find content that you think doesn't belong in the gathering, click "report a problem" so that the moderation team can look at it.