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Rue Francillon 29, 2610 St-Imier

Espace Noir is a self-managed cultural space that opened its doors in 1986. It has a tavern, a bookshop, an exhibition hall, a cinema, a concert/theatre hall and an infokiosk.

The concerts will take place in the square behind Espace Noir, where you will find the event bar.

Please note: the outside bar will serve drinks at different prices than the Espace Noir tavern and concert hall: the outside bar is the one for the event, and Espace Noir will operate as usual. The event can afford to have free price on non-alcoholic drinks, but Espace Noir has fixed charges and will not be able to offer free price in the tavern. Thank you for your understanding :-)


Rue Jonchères 64, 2610 St-Imier

Public auditorium of the town of St-Imier: this is where the book fair and some of the workshops/discussions will take place. This is also where the meals will be served!


A camping area is planned at the edge of the Châtillon football field. You can access it from the car park behind the St-Imier ice rink. The toilets and showers of the ice rink will be accessible for those from the campsite (about 2 minutes on foot).

A mixed campsite is planned for the event. If you wish to access it, please ask the members of the organisation on site or the Team Care.

+ more information on the campsite