Call to Participate in Anarchy 2023

International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering

Anarchy 2023 - St-Imier July 19-23, 2023

Affiche-2023 On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first anti-authoritarian international, international meetings are being prepared in the Swiss Jura mountains. They will take place from July 19 to 23, 2023 - with an extension of a few days to allow time and space for spontaneous meetings. We are making this appeal to clarify the role of these meetings, that is to say our concrete motivations, as well as the way we wish to organize them.

In a world that seems to be increasingly neutralizing radical protest - between repression, recuperation and control - it seems necessary to meet physically, as anarchists. In order to reflect collectively on the issues that matter to us, and in particular on the political and social evolutions of the last few years, and to continue to deepen the critiques that emancipate us. In order to learn more about the concrete struggles that are taking place everywhere, told by those who lead them. To form new hopes for the future. To build strong links between different anti-authoritarian groups and individuals, to strengthen solidarity between struggles across borders. And to make new people want to join them.

Indeed, we want above all to talk about living struggles. It is not a question of commemorating a historical event, which would be meaningless if it were not linked to the daily lives of living people, to a real combative tension against the state and other forms of domination.

These meetings will therefore be an opportunity to share experiences, discuss strategy, and make your local struggles known. Whether they are feminist, environmentalist, anti-tech, anti-carceral, anti-border, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist and anti-militarist... What brings us together is the anti-authoritarian vision.

These meetings will be what you make of them. The activities are organized in a horizontal and decentralized way. In particular thanks to a large information board, which can be filled in by hand, on the spot, and also thanks to a participative online tool that you will find under Just add your proposal for an activity to the agenda now. The agenda will still be editable during the meetings. A large building will be dedicated to spontaneous activities, it will be self-managed.

During these four days, you will find meetings for groups sharing the same priorities (feminism, autonomous health, for example), practical workshops, discussions, and numerous and varied presentations. As you can see, there will be no official conferences, i.e. organized by the organizing committee. There will also be groups offering film screenings, a book fair and an anarchist radio. For the children, we point out that a mixed group will provide a nursery every day. Another group will provide a camping area with a separate space for women, transgender & non-binary people. Other groups will organize exhibitions, concerts, dances, etc. By the way: we will need many volunteers on site, you can sign up in advance or when you arrive!

More info on (the website is updated regularly).

Finally: we are aware that the organization of such an international event, in Switzerland, in the most expensive country on the planet, entails financial difficulties and difficulties with obtaining visas. To facilitate access, we will set up a carpooling platform. Most of the event will be either free of charge or "pay-what-you-can", whether it is the camping, the meals organized by international cooking groups or the concerts. And don't hesitate to contact us by mail at if you have any difficulties to get a visa.

Long live anarchy and see you soon!

See also our original call to co-organise the gathering.

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Helping with a financial contribution

Nobody of us is getting payed, we all volunteer. But we need money to cover the infrastructure costs. So, please help to make sure we can cover the costs, also because the resulting surplus will go to the Anarchist Defense Fund!

To make a financial contribution and thus help with the organization of the Anarchy 2023 gathering, please use the following bank details:

IBAN: CH28 0624 0575 1121 8190 1
Caisse d’Epargne Courtelary SA
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in favor of

Association 150 ans du congrès de Saint-Imier
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2610 St-Imier

...or using QR-Bill/Twint or Monero

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The International Federalist Association IFA has also launched a crowdfunding for the organisation and the travel of people and collectives who want to come to the Anarchy 2023 gathering in St-Imier this July but can't because of financial issues: Please help out if you can!

Group finance communication to July 10, 2023

Here are the details of the costs involved in organizing the event. The total budget is over CHF 276,000!


In advance of the event we had CHF 41,662.68:

This leaves us with 234,338 CHF to pay in order to break even.

The principle of the festival is that it is self-financing, meaning that most of the bills have to be paid after the event, thanks to the income generated by free prices and donations during the event.

As a reminder, no one in the organization is paid - we're all volunteers. If there are any profits after the event, they will go entirely to the Anarchist Defense Fund (

Given the scale of the bills to be paid, we're appealing to your solidarity to ensure we don't go into post-event debt. We therefore encourage you to eat the delicious meals concocted by the kitchen group, to drink in the various bars, to give free prices for internet access, camping, etc., and to make donations if you can.

This is a self-generated event, and we expect participants to take an active role. This is your event. Thank you for your solidarity!